Back to abode of Gods…

As I sit and write this in a UTC ordinary bus, occupying the last aisle seat before the bench, with day giving way to night and deep dark clouds threatening to unleash their splendor on earth. I am reminded of my first trip to Kumaon, the one when I traveled to Didihaat with my friends last year. While we traveled during the day, thunderstorm turned it into night, that too on this very stretch.

That trip is as vivid in my mind as events of yesterday and I doubt I will ever forget it.

However this trip is different, I am alone and while I will visit some of the places I visited then, it will still be different.

I am traveling to Munsiyari and while I am in a bus that is supposed to be a direct bus to Munsiyari, I have ticket only till Thal. It is only after I have reached there, will I know, whether the bus will go all the way to Munsiyari.

Yet my mind is at ease and moments ago I was lost in thoughts. I should be thinking about what I am supposed to do once I reach Munsiyari or maybe even contemplate back up plan in case I do not.

Yet I am thinking about something else, with memories of a year past running through my mind. Some sweet and some sad, yet they are all cherished and part of who I am.

Oh well, it is time to dive back into thoughts. I will write more once I am back, but for now, it is time to just let mu mind wander and wait for the beautiful Kunaoni hills to begin…


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