Motorcycle Touring, one with nature?

On a motorcycle you’re not only passing through nature and scenery, you’re a part of it. You feel the wind on your body, and get a superb, almost 180 degree view.

This is what motorcycle touring fraternity would like to have you believe, and while in some ways it is true, for a photographer or someone who actually enjoys views, it cannot be further from the truth!

Truth is, when you’re busy riding, whether leaning into a corner or riding through a trail, your focus is on the road. Not on some distant mountain on the side.


If you concentrate more on views than on the riding part, then you end up making mistakes, which can cost you dearly.

So instead most of the time you end up looking straight ahead, and only get to see the views, when you stop or have a clear enough path to allow you to stop paying attention to the road.

motorcycle touring

While at times the view ahead can be quiet beautiful and at times even the road is beautiful that it can leave you in awe. However often it is the valleys on the side which take your breath away.


Yet traveling on a motorcycle is fun, and the sheer thrill of leaning into a corner or feeling the cold icy winds of Himalayas giving you goosebumps is at times enough to make each and every view you missed, trivial in comparison. Not to mention the utter freedom of being on your own (especially while touring solo) and ability to take even the narrow trails leading to nowhere is something that makes it seem worthwhile.

However if it is the views you are after or want to indulge in serious photography, then motorcycle isn’t the best way to travel. In fact neither is driving around in a car. Because the best views are often enjoyed from pillion seat of a motorcycle or passenger seat of a car or bus, for then you’re truly free to not only soak in the views and indulge in photography, but also to get lost in thoughts…


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