Environmentalists are ruining Himalayas!

Every so often one runs into these “environmentalists” (armchair and otherwise), who are out to stop pollution, get rid of the garbage, get various restrictions imposed and what not. Never once stopping to realize, they are actually ruining Himalayas by doing all this!

In this scathing blogpost, which ought to be considered as a blow to all these so called environmentalists; I will prove to you, how they are destroying the Himalayas in the long term, by focusing on short term.

We often hear from these environmentalists, how pollution emitted from vehicles is bad. And banning vehicles altogether or getting rid of old polluting vehicles is a good idea.

We also hear from these environmentalists, how there should be no littering and all these beautiful lakes and valleys should be free of plastic and other garbage.

But have these numbnuts ever thought that if these places were full garbage and were as polluted as the industrial plains, no one will ever go there?

I mean the whole environmental destruction is due to the fact that these places have beautiful views, clean and serene environment, right?


Drive away tourists by having the stinking stench of rotting garbage and pollution that just kicks in asthma attacks on even those who had never suffered from asthma before and soon, you will have a situation, wherein people stop visiting these places altogether.

Once tourists avoid these places like plague, there will be no long term pollution or environmental damage.

And as we all know, nature is able to repair itself, well at least to a certain degree and there might be a need to clean up plastic after all, but apart from that, a few years from now, these places will be in a far better situation than they are right now or could ever be, even with the best of sustainable tourism.

As if this isn’t brilliant enough of a solution, this will also ensure that the locals there pack up and leave as well. Leaving these beautiful and pristine areas, in even better situation than they were a couple of centuries ago!

Now don’t thank me yet! Go out there and pollute, and spread this educational solution secretly to other environmentalists out there. Just make sure the normal public does not hears of this scheme, otherwise it might backfire.

Oh yes, just to be on the safer side, we also need to setup an EMP field around these places once tourists and locals are driven out, so that no one knows that these areas are recovering.


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