Off to where and why?

Why do we travel?

Do we really need a reason or justification to travel or is it as instinctive as yearning for comfort or even a reason to survive?

I do not know and frankly speaking, at this point, I do not even care. I have a bus reservation and I have booked a hotel for the first night. Beyond that, I have no idea what I am looking for or whether I am looking at all! I might not even end up reaching that hotel.

All I know is, I needed my solo trip and so here I am on the road.

There is a sort of ongoing natural calamity in the state I am heading to. In a way I am ashamed that I am traveling when people there are suffering and I might actually get in someone’s way. But that is the direction I need to head in now.

My camera gear is all set for action, though I am not really sure if it will see any. Nor am I sure if I will actually be writing or reading.

But I have everything, except rain gear and good health. So that might be a problem.


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