Search for Unknown begins again…

Last year I had done a few journeys In Search of Unknown. These were intensely philosophical and emotional journeys for me, as I contemplated my deepest and at times, darkest emotions and thoughts, while traveling in the midst of beautiful Kumaon.

I eventually stopped, as I feared I was going away from the ones I loved and cared about and might actually never come back from these journeys, as these appealed to me, more than anything else at that moment. And in a way, had such a lure, that I wished to become a hermit, roaming from one place to another and never returning to civilization.

A lot has happened since then, a lot has changed. And I need to begin these intense philosophical journeys once again, in Search of the Unknown.

Because while trying to not lose myself in lap of nature, I have lost my true self.

I have shut off parts, which I valued the most. I have become detached to everything and worse still; I have in a way, stopped listening to my heart and stopped believing.

It is only occasionally I dig up these parts, and listen to what they have to say.

That is not how I wish to be.

So I get ready to pack my bags now and go in search of the unknown once again. This time, there will be no turning back and no fear of losing myself, just a thirst, a thirst to look for and find, all that my heart desires and more than that, to listen to what my heart tells me and believe in what it wishes to believe.

A journey to the unknown, in search of the unknown and it begins, tonight…


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