The place I belong?

At times I have wondered, wondered about the place I belong.

Is it Delhi where I was born and raised?

Or is Bengal where my father and my forefathers were born?

Or is it Ladakh, a place I have so much loved and I am drawn to, time and again?

Or is it Kumaon, a place I have now fallen in love?

Or should I be patriotic and say I belong to India?

Truth is, I belong to all these places and yet, none of them.

Maybe the place I belong to, is the place where my God takes me, and for that brief moment, when he shows me the reason to have brought me there. I belong to that place.

And then, I move on.

Home would always be where family is, yet that is not where I belong.

Search for the Unknown continues, even though today, I head back home…


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