Back from Search of the Unknown

Came back half an hour ago, from my search for the Unknown.

It was an eventful trip and at the same time, a faith restoration trip for me. In fact it was just the thing I needed and I neither wanted anymore nor took anymore.

After all, sitting at Chaukori, waiting for bus or shared taxi, I saw weather clearing up and I guess I could have stayed another day, if I wanted to photograph the beautiful views visible from Chaukori. But I wasn’t there for the views and I wasn’t there for photography, even though I did plenty of that.

God took me there for a reason, after all I had absolutely no plan of going to Chaukori, if anything, I would have likely gone to Dharchula and the bus I took from Haldwani was going to Nachani and Chaukori doesn’t falls en route and yet, that bus took me there!

I asked God to show me why he had brought me there and he did so in a spectacular manner. Not only that, I was able to reconnect with myself and got the answer I had been searching for, for a while.

I came home on a happy note, and yet, search for the Unknown hasn’t ended yet. And I will likely be heading back out again, to continue with my search to surrender to the almighty navigator.

Right now I am dead tired and need some rest, travelogue will begin by evening.


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