Panchchuli Sunset and Moonrise Time-Lapse

I had wanted to visit Munsiyari for a long time; however it wasn’t until March this year that I eventually managed to visit it. While I posted a travelogue of my trip to Munsiyari, I held back a few things. Namely the time-lapse and the video interview I shot in Munsiyari.

Two of the time-lapses I worked hard to produce in Munsiyari, have finally been converted into video format and for the first time, I am showcasing them anywhere.

First time-lapse is of Panchchuli Range being bathed by the golden, warm light of the setting sun.

This second time-lapse is of full moon rising from behind the Panchchuli Range and Venus rising just above the moon.

It took me over one and a half hour to shoot images that make up these two time-lapses and since my intervalometer had stopped working, I had to shoot each image, by hand! Counting the seconds between each photograph I took, in hopes of producing a smooth time-lapse.

Add to that, I was all alone while shooting these time-lapses, and while I was busy shooting the final sequence of images for sunset time-lapse, I heard a few footsteps and few people talking to each other in hush tones, while approaching me from behind.

They were 3 guys and were drunk; I couldn’t see them, until they were standing almost next to me. There was no one around, except the four of us.

They turned out to be laborers working at a nearby construction site, and one of them was interested in becoming a guide and hence had come over to ask me, what I was doing and whether I needed a guide.

We talked for a while, before they walked towards their respective homes and I kept shooting images for the moonrise time-lapse.

Maybe I was being stupid by choosing to concentrate on photography, instead of turning around to see who it was and whether there was any danger. Maybe I was being paranoid, thinking something bad could happen, and yet choosing to continue with what I was doing. However working and traveling alone, one has to take these risks, in order to realize one’s dream and make it a reality. And I feel, these time-lapses were worth all the risk in the world and I wouldn’t bat an eye, if I ever had to do this again.


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