Search for the Unknown and realization of a dream…

Most beautiful thing about dreams is, turning them into a reality.

In many ways, Search for the Unknown is just that. A dream, and a never ending quest to turn into a reality.

To find where and whom I belong to, and then, just belong.

Journey to the Unknown is filled with realization of dreams and truths, coming face to face with worst of fears and peaks of emotions.

As I begin another journey in the Search for the Unknown, this time I realize a long standing dream. A dream or a vision if you will, to do something, which had been lingering in my mind for past several years and only now, I will be making my first attempt at realizing it and beginning a process, which is sure to change the way I travel and see the world.

To begin on a path, I have dreamt of, yet, only taken baby steps towards it, until now.

Funnily enough, it will be done on a trip, where if everything goes according to the plan (there is a rough plan, idea if you will, this time around), it would prove to be one of the most hectic journeys I have done. Yet, I will be continuing my Search for the Unknown and testing out a lot of gear, I have recently added to my kit.


Some of the new gear is in the above image, however not all. Here is a list of gear I will be using for the first time on a trip.

Mount Track MT9105 Rucksack

SJCAM SJ4000+ Action Camera

Samsung EVO+ 32GB MicroSD Card (got 2 of these for SJCAM)

Lowepro Toploader Zoom 50 AW (my 60D with Tamron 17-50 f2.8 lens fits in it and I am carrying this inside my rucksack)

Ambrane Power Bank P-1310 (got this 13,000mAH power bank to charge SJCAM batteries on the go)

Lens pouches I bought from Chandani Chowk a while back.

Sadly enough, my Manfrotto Compact Monopod will arrive after I have already left for the trip. However I do have a selfie stick for SJCAM, along with my Manfrotto Befree tripod, which has been serving me well for past several trips.

I guess it would have been a good idea to test all this equipment in less hectic trip, however sometime you have to just plunge right in and see how everything performs under stress, especially our mind.

Having said that, Search for the Unknown is all about following the heart and going with the flow, and not caring about any plans or looking for logical things. And at its core, this is what this trip is all about, even if it means, everything changes midway.

You can follow trip live on my Instagram and Facebook accounts, where I will try and post regular updates.


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