8 on 8, a return to Ladakh

It’s been almost a year since my last visit to the heaven on earth, Ladakh. And it is time to fly back to the place I adore so much, for my 8th trip to Ladakh and also for my 8th trip this year.

There are many who wonder, why I keep visiting Ladakh year after year, when there is so much to see and explore in this world. However majority of those questioning these return visits are those, who haven’t yet been to Ladakh and haven’t yet fallen in love with her awe-inspiring beauty.

Not only that, each one of my trips till date have been different and even though I have visited some of the same places, they feel different each time and yet, oh so familiar.

8 on 8 is a very special trip for me, since this one is going to be with my best friends. Not only that, there is no plan this time around; we are just going to have fun and click a lot of photographs and videos. We don’t even know how we are going to travel; whether it is going to be on hired motorcycles, in taxi or even bus. Nothing is yet finalized. Not even our return, even though we have tickets booked for our return journey from Srinagar. However we aren’t sure yet, if we are actually going to head to Srinagar and fly out or take a shared taxi to Manali and bus back to Delhi!

At its core, this one feels very much like my Search for the Unknown trips, yet, it isn’t.

Maybe all it is, is just a little dream of 3 overgrown kids.

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