PVR Logix Noida, the IMAX Experience

A couple of days ago, I was looking for a movie to watch and had zeroed in on “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back”. I was planning to watch this movie at PVR Logix in Noida and saw that it was also available in their IMAX theater. I hadn’t watched any movies on an IMAX screen yet, and hence I decided to give it a go, even though I had to pay Rs. 100 per ticket extra for it (Rs. 275 per person for IMAX and Rs. 175 per person for normal screen.)


So what sets IMAX apart from normal screens?

Screen size and resolution

For starters, the huge screen. It is supposed to be 97ft wide and 76ft high. In fact stepping inside the IMAX theater was like stepping inside an earlier conventional theater with huge screen and tons of seats, something we no longer get to see in multiplexes.

IMAX movies are also shot differently and at higher resolution, thus the large screen helps showcase extra detail in all its glory with dual digital projection. And the whole picture quality did feel better than that of average theater.


Sound quality

However, the thing that won me over more than the picture quality was the sound quality. Sure enough, it was loud and sound was clear, what impressed me most was the fact that at no point was the sound muddled. Even if the scene had a lot of bass, it still sounded crystal clear and there was no hint of any distortion.

Sure enough, some of the home theater systems can sound better, but then again, as far as movie theaters go, this is the best sound I have heard till now and I have seen movies at various PVRs and theaters all over NCR.

Seat quality and ergonomics

Seats were more comfortable than most theaters, even the premier class in most theaters. There was a lot of leg room and seats were comfortable and large. The only issue was, they didn’t recline much and one couldn’t slot the tray into a cup holder for comfort. On top of it, PVR Logix has the worst caramel popcorns you can order at any of the PVRs.

Was it worth it?

To sum it up, yes and no. If you’re watching a good cinematic movie with plenty of immersive footage, then the IMAX experience is totally worth it. Sadly, “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back” wasn’t that good. In fact, it sort of felt like a disservice to not only IMAX experience, but also Tom Cruise and the gorgeous, Cobie Smulders . Sadly, only a handful of movies are IMAX certified, hence usually only one is running at PVR Logix IMAX Experience. And that in itself is the biggest let down of all.

Disclaimer: photos aren’t representative of image quality or size of the screen and your view may differ from these.


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