The Grand Tour maketh BBC cry

The much awaited first episode of The Grand Tour is finally out. And I watched it a few minutes ago.


If like me, BBC’s bosses watched it as well. They ought to be kicking themselves for ridding Top Gear of Jeremy Clarkson.

Because Top Gear’s ratings are down like anything. And gauging by the first episode of The Grand Tour, it is going to be a runaway success. Perhaps, even bigger than Top Gear itself.

I had watched Top Gear for several years. Even though it was a car show, I never really watched it for car reviews. Rather, I watched it for the wacky sense of humor and the fabulous cinematography that made the entire show, oh so appealing.

The Grand Tour takes from where the Top Gear let off and kicks it up a notch. And the result is stunningly beautiful.

It is a treat to watch and as per news reports coming in, those with 4k, HDR displays are going to fall in love with this show. And this might just be a reason why many end up buying those expensive television sets.

Because, it is that good!

It has all the components that made Top Gear a hit in my eyes.

Wacky humor, beautiful cars, amazing locations, and stunning cinematography.

But the thing that amused and at the same time, made me think. Was that the show is now being run by Amazon Studios.

It seems perfectly poised to signal the end of an era for traditional news and broadcasting studios. Heralding in an era of internet media giants, that not only produce content as good as traditional media companies but in instances like these, even better!

In a way, that is what it is.

The death of the old British Broadcasting Corporation produced Top Gear and birth of Amazon produced The Grand Tour.

And to get Porche 918, LeFerrari and McLaren P1 at the same race track for comparison on the first episode of an internet media company produced series, which is supposed to cost US$5.5 million dollars per episode is nothing short of amazing.


And I am loving it!


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