Airtel Broadband, a parting review

In April 2014, I had switched from MTNL to Airtel Broadband, because MTNL was hijacking sessions and that was not only annoying, it was also a security threat.


After using Airtel Broadband for well over 2 and half years, I finally switched to Excitel earlier this month.

I switched to Excitel because:

A. I needed an internet connection with no FUP limits.

B. I wanted to save money, especially since our household was spending over Rs. 4,000 each month on internet and phone services (3 mobile phone connections, 2 landlines and a DSL connection). Switching to Excitel helped me lower the monthly spend by around Rs. 1,500 a month, which is a major saving.

However, unlike in the case of MTNL, I didn’t part from Airtel on bad terms.

This is mainly due to the fact that Airtel Broadband (DSL connection in my case) had been rock solid for past two and a half years.

There have been handful of outages and even those were resolved promptly.

Customer service has been great and network performance has been great as well.

Each year I got additional benefits added to my existing plan for free by Airtel, whether it was increased FUP limit one year or doubling of speed the next year.

Even the cancellation process was fairly smooth and straightforward. And I was even offered by Airtel cancellation department more than twice the data for free and 6 months of half rental. However, even the new FUP limit would likely have been restrictive and I didn’t want that.

However, I have zero qualms about recommending Airtel to my friends and family or even switching back to them, if in case situation demands.

For anyone looking for a great network with fantastic uptime and decent customer service in consumer prices, Airtel is no doubt, hands down, my recommendation.

However, if you can afford to deal with small outages and less responsive customer care, there are a plethora of options out there.

Update: Airtel offered me 75% discount on their plans for 6 months, so I decided to keep their smallest plan for Rs. 199 + taxes as backup. 18GB FUP limit and 1,000 free minutes.


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