Philips 9W LED Bulb Review

I am always on the lookout for ways to save energy. With LED bulb getting cheaper by the day; I decided to buy couple of Philips 9W LED bulbs for my home. In order to save energy and money.

LED bulb I went for is the Ace Saver Crystal White and it delivers 825 lumen of light.


Light intensity is measured in lumen, and this is the best indicator of how bright a light would be, as long as manufacturer is quoting the right numbers.

To put things into perspective and leave behind the technical jargons, let’s compare some common types of lights:

Type of Light Lumen Rated Power
Fluorescent Tubelight 2450 40W
CFL 1050 18W
CFL 800 15W
LED 825 9W

Above comparison is for Philips manufactured products having cool daylight temperature.

As you can see, while a 9W LED is brighter than 15W CFL, it cannot replace 18W CFL and comes nowhere close to a normal tube light, which is 3 times brighter!

However, for my usage, 9W LED was bright enough. Since it was used to replace a 14W CFL and as expected, it was actually brighter than the CFL (perceptible difference in brightness was observed.)

This particular light in our home is lit almost 24×7 and thus translates into a saving of 3.6kWh per month or 43.8kWh a year i.e. a yearly saving of nearly Rs. 260!

That is a whopping saving from a single CFL being replaced by an LED and frankly speaking, I got that LED bulb cheaper than what I normally shell out for a CFL! LED bulbs are also supposed to last longer than CFLs, but that is something only time will tell.

Overall I am quite happy with my purchase and I am contemplating replacing the 18W CFL in my room with these 12W LED bulb from Philips, which would be around 20% brighter than the CFL and at the same time, it will consume 6 watt less!


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