When disappointment is sweet…

I don’t think there is anyone who likes to be disappointed, I surely don’t.

Yet, there are times when disappointments turn into a sweet surprise, sort of like for the man who got lemons and made lemonade out of them (presumably he had rest of the ingredients.)

When we started our journey from Mukteshwar to Haldwani, there were a few things we wanted to do en route:

A. Have some food at a particular café we found really enticing yesterday (more about it later).
B. Eat some Kumaoni food.
C. Visit a chocolate factory!

Yes, you heard it right. We were looking forward to visiting a chocolate factory. Well, AS was and she can be fairly persuasive about these things.

I thought it was just a tourist trap.

Anyways, we asked Manjeet (we had hired his Alto taxi to reach Haldwani, contact no. +91-9414132322) to stop at the chocolate factory.

When we got out of the car, staff from Mountain Trail Eco Resort (they run the chocolate factory) came out and told us that the factory is closed for the next 6 months.

Apparently the factory operates in Mukteshwar during summer months and shifts to Delhi during winter!

Delhi of all places?

Oh well, at least that statement got an “I told you so” smirk out of me.

AS was disappointed.

To tell you the truth, I was a little disappointed as well.

However, the outlet for the chocolate factory, well, Choco-House (its brand name), was really attractive. And with the sun shining directly above it through trees, I knew I had to take a photograph of it.


After taking a photograph, it was time to step inside. And sure enough, it was a tourist trap with all sort of assorted chocolates and gift packs!


As I slowly made my way to the counter, I knew, this trap was a good one, because it was working on me!

While AS just browsed the shop, I shopped! Well, I bought a small pack of dark chocolates and another pack of assorted liqueur chocolates.

I am not really sure why I bought chocolates which were currently being made in Delhi. However, I knew I wanted to buy them, so I did!

I was hoping they were delicious and it wasn’t until I reached home the next day and tried them, that I knew they were.

Although the visit to the “chocolate factory” had been a disappointment, because it was closed. The delicious Mukteshwar made chocolates I got (I firmly believe stock was from Mukteshwar production and not from Delhi), more than made up for any disappointments…


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