A relaxing trip to Pushkar

It’s not often I get to do a relaxed and chilled out trip; generally my trips are either for photography or for deep introspection. While that is what I love to do, there are times when it can feel a little hectic.

Last year’s trip to Pushkar Camel Fair was different in that regards.

Having come back from Mukteshwar in Uttarakhand, just couple of days before setting off for Pushkar, I was in a mood to relax and enjoy the cuisines of Pushkar rather than chase the sunset and sunrise like my earlier trips (this was my 6th visit to the Pushkar mela.)

While I did do photography and was fairly satisfied with the photographs I shot on 12th evening.




The entire photography session was limited to around 3 hours.

Since I had wonderful company in form of RD, who loves to taste different cuisines like me, we did try a lot of dishes during our short trip to Pushkar.




Banofee Pie

In many ways, this is what made this trip so special; wonderful company, delicious food and no hurry whatsoever (at least while we were in Pushkar.)

Both of us thought about extending our stay. However, the hotel we wished to stay at was full. So we decided to stick to the original plan.

What is funny is the fact that before heading out, even though we had booked hotel rooms way in advance, we weren’t really sure if we would indeed visit Pushkar. Pretty much all destinations nearby were open for consideration and if it wasn’t Goibibo upgrading our stay after initial goof up, we would have likely went somewhere else.

It was an eventful and frustrating trip as well; courtesy RSRTC (read more about it here).

It was also a trip with unique challenges, since it came right after the announcement of Demonetization by Indian Government, which left both of us with limited cash in hand and almost caused trouble while we were traveling. In fact we came back with just Rs. 100 remaining in our pocket!

However, in the end, it was fun.

I guess I need to do more such trips in future, where the real motive of the trip is to enjoy various cuisines, take it easy and chill out in the company of like minded individuals.

Anyways, I have written a detailed account of my trip at BCMTouring and you can read it over here, Post demonetization trip to Pushkar Fair.


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