No trips in 2017?

February is coming to an end and I haven’t yet traveled even once this year. In fact my last trip was way back in November, to Pushkar.

Seems like this year is off to a rather slow start.

Well, it is time to change that. That too with a trip to a region of Uttarakhand, I haven’t yet visited.

It is almost as if I have purposely ignored it, until now.

Not any more.

Hopefully this would be the begining of another year of exploration and lots of fun.

Even though destination is decided. It isn’t set in stone. It can change, all too randomly. After all, this is a road trip with friends, who are as passionate about travel, as I am.

So we can’t really be 100% sure, where we will land up.

At least I would like to think that way.

After all, a bit of uncertainty is what makes the trip interesting.

Wish me luck…


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