Khan’s Kathi Rolls, Sector 18, Noida

There is a certain flavor in street food, which just cannot be replicated by even the best of restaurants. And it is that flavor, which often attracts patrons to these small eateries, day after day.

So when we reached Noida Sector 18 on Friday, Mansi recommended, we have a Kathi roll at Khan’s Kathi Rolls. A place where she had been going to regularly for past few years.

Supposedly this place served really good rolls, much better than outlets and restaurants in malls.

Not willing to let go of an opportunity to have delicious food, I asked her to lead me to this tasteful place, she was going gaga over.


It was indeed a small restaurant with no seating whatsoever, just a couple of tables to stand next to and have the delicacies they sell.

We decided to order Soya Chaap Double Kathi Roll. And while we waited, we had a delicious kulhar wali chai from the restaurant next to Khan’s Kathi Rolls. It was a delicious and fairly sweet tea and I loved it.

After around 10-15 minutes, we finally got what we had ordered.


The size of the roll was pretty good and for Rs. 100, it seemed like a pretty good deal and enough to satisfy hunger pangs of most individuals.

Taking the first bite, the rich taste and flavors of the roll become apparent. Even though it was fairly spicy, spice didn’t overpower rest of the flavors of the roll. Add to that, there was real soya chaap in the roll. Generally, most restaurants advertise soya chaap and actually use wheat chaap. This takes away the nutrition and taste soya chaap offers over wheat chaaps.

Finishing off the roll, I was tempted to order another one. However, with Decathlon’s closing time fast approaching, I decided to drop the idea and taste the other delicious rolls on offer, some other day.

Overall, Khan’s Kathi Rolls is a great place to have some delicious rolls at, while sipping on the sweet tea being sold by the shop next door (that shop also sells delicious parathas.)

Menu of Khan’s Kathi Rolls.


More details can be found on Khan’s Kathi Rolls’ official website


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