Travel Essentials: Lotus Herbals Sunblock Spray SPF 50

Getting sunburn is no fun, yet it happens when we travel, especially when we travel to high altitude places like Ladakh, where the thinner atmosphere is able to filter fewer UV rays. In fact as per WHO, at each 1000 meter altitude gain, UV rays increases by 10 to 12%. (source)

Due to this, since 2005 (when I first traveled to Ladakh), I have been using sunscreen lotions.

Over the years, I have tried several sunscreen lotions. However, I keep coming back to Lotus Herbals (it was the first sunscreen lotion I bought), due to the fact that it seems to protect my skin better than the other sunscreens I have tried.

Lotus-Herbals-Safe-Sun-Intensive-Sunblock-Spray Before my 8th trip to Ladakh last year in September, I decided to try out Lotus Herbals’ Safe Sun Intensive Sunblock Spray SPF 50. This was the first time I was trying out sunscreen spray and I had my doubts about whether it would be as effective as lotions or gels I had used earlier.

However, it did just what it was supposed to do and it did it, in style!

For the first time, there was no visible residue left on my skin and yet, it was working just as well as other SPF 50 sunscreen lotions.

In fact, it was working so well that Neha, who was carrying her own more expensive sunscreen lotion, started using mine instead! Because her sunscreen lotion would leave those white marks on the skin and mine would not.


Another additional benefit of using the spray instead of lotion or gel was that due to change in atmospheric pressure, lotion bottles/tubes swell up and the first time you open them at high altitude, a lot of lotion comes out. Even though perfumes and deodorants leak as well, thankfully sunscreen spray from Lotus Herbals didn’t do that. Even though it is a minor plus point, however, it is an additional benefit I didn’t expect initially.

Overall, I have been fairly impressed by Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Intensive Sunblock Spray SPF 50 and recently ordered another bottle for city as well as travel use. Because this is one travel essential, I would hate to travel without, even if I was traveling in the plains.


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