Dhaba Café, CP

When you visit Connaught Place as often as I do, you begin to think you have seen just about everything there is to see. And that is when you start exploring the middle circle, skipped by the majority.

Doing just that, thinking about eating at Bercos, we turned into the middle circle of A Block. However, what caught our attention was a small café, located not too far away from Bercos, named, Dhaba Café.


Walking in, it was a fairly small eatery, one which didn’t even had washrooms.

Yet, looking at the interesting menu in front of us. We knew we had to try the food on offer and couldn’t just walk out.

As we got ready to order, the manager informed us, that they also had veg thalis which wasn’t listed on the menu. However, we weren’t in the mood for one. Then he went on to suggest Masala Butter Khichadi to us.


Well, we decided to take the recommendation and order it along with Lime Delite, Masala Chai, and Lakhnavi Nawabi Pasta.

Service was on a slower side, due to one of the staff not turning up for work (as explained by the manager later on). In fact, the manager himself was helping out in the kitchen most of the time.

Ambiance, on the whole, was nice. Even though the place was small and even with 7-8 people it could get congested, yet, sitting there, it didn’t feel that way.

First to arrive was Lime Delite. Essentially lemonade with subtle flavor. It felt refreshing.


Masala Chai was the next to arrive and even though it was little less on sugar, it was good.


Next up was the Masala Butter Khichadi. Even by the looks and aroma of it, it seemed delicious.


Looks and aroma completely did justice to this Khichadi, which was not only delicious but even better than the veg biryani available at most of the restaurants in Delhi. Since we had asked it to be kept chat-pata, it was a little on the spicy side, which made it feel even more delicious to me.

Last to arrive was the Lakhnavi Nawabi Pasta, a fusion of Indian and Italian flavors. Taking the first bite, it didn’t taste that good, kind of bland. However, the next bite which included more of the sauce (or should I say gravy) and grated cheese; it tasted good. Certainly a unique flavor for pasta, one which I hadn’t tasted earlier. Though it was on a slightly saltier side and I prefer pasta that has less salt and creamier taste.

However, the real surprise was the bill we got towards the end. Just Rs. 360 for a bottle of water, Lime Delite, Masala Chai, Butter Masala Khichadi and Lakhnavi Nawabi Pasta.

Overall food was delicious and even though the place is small and ambiance a little quirky, Dhaba Café seemed like a great place to a quick and delicious bite, without breaking the bank.

Dhaba Cafe CP, Menu



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