Long weekends, boon and bane for travelers

Another long weekend is almost upon us and quite a few people I know, are planning to make the most of it, by traveling.

I too was planning to do that.

However, health issues grounded me.

Thankfully I hadn’t booked accommodation (which I was planning to do), else I would be losing out on money as well as fun.

For now, it is just the fun that I am missing out on, money is still here (well whatever little is left after doctor’s consultation fee and medicines.) So is the will to travel, once the health permits.

Leaving the personal tragedy of grave magnitude behind, let’s get back to the topic of the blog post.

When I was hale and hearty and planning the trip, I was in a dilemma of sorts. While the long weekend presented me and my travel partner with an excellent opportunity to explore the beautiful Himalayas. It also presented others with the same option!

This meant no matter where we would go, we would bump into other travelers, on a similar mission.

Accepting the inevitable and rubbing shoulders with throngs of other travelers wasn’t an option. And with such a long weekend, finding a place without too many souls around was going to be difficult, even if it was 600 km away!

Hence prior planning and hotel bookings were the need of the hour.

However, when you do that, a sort of a charm that is there on the trip, goes away.

The charm of picking a beautiful corner in the woods, after arriving at the location.


A feeling that can never be replicated after booking accommodation in advance.

This is why I hate long weekends.

Because they give others the same opportunity as me to explore the somewhat less explored places and this means, I have to share my exploration with others.

It also means hotels are packed, private hotel owners charge a premium at times and the whole idea of solitude in the Himalayas goes for a toss.

Yet, I love long weekends.

Because even though I work for myself, there are certain personal commitments I have to adhere to. And long weekends give me an opportunity to take more time out of travel than normal weekends do.

Even though I understand this is the case for others as well, I find it incredibly unfair on the part of God, to give me the same long weekends as everyone else.

I feel I deserve my own long weekends, don’t you?


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