Shutting petrol pumps to save the environment?

From the 14th of May, petrol pumps in 8 states (Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Puducherry, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra and Haryana) will remain closed on each Sunday, in a bid to save the environment by conserving fuel.

This is a “novel” idea that petrol pump associations in these states have come up with. You can read more about this news on Times of India.


Causing hardship to public

While it is extremely heartening to see the petrol pump association being so interested in preserving the environment by taking a hit on their profits, I feel this is a wrong move that will only cause hardships to the public while doing nothing to reduce the environmental damage.

After all, the majority of the people will fill up fuel during the day. And the only people likely to be hit by this move would be the ones who are traveling and transporters. Since these are the only two categories which normally require more than a tankful of fuel in a single day.

Considering most people travel during the weekend, this is going to be all the more troublesome. Though at least in North India, most of the people will be able to buy fuel from neighboring states rather than Haryana and get on with their plans easily.

A “greener” approach.

As far as saving the environment goes. I wonder, why these petrol pump associations aren’t looking at solar panels to reduce the carbon footprint of petrol pumps?

After all, it takes a hell lot of electricity to drive even a single petrol pump and backup generators they use also consumes a lot of fuel.

Solar energy, on the other hand, is relatively clean and cheap (once you make the initial investment). And the petrol pumps have enough real estate to easily install enough solar panels to power their entire operations.

This I feel in the long run will not only save fuel but also serve as an inspiration for others to follow suit and adopt green sources of energy.

Best thing is, public won’t be inconvenienced and in the long run, these petrol pumps will actually end up saving money!

Now if only the petrol pump associations in these states in listening with an open mind, ready to adapt a greener way to sell petrol.


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