3M AC filter install service review

I just got a’s “3M Anti-Pollution Filter Installation” installation done on my split AC and I decided to write a little review about the service (this isn’t the review for the filter.)

A little background

For past couple of months, I have been battling chronic bronchitis. To deal with it, I have bought a Philips Air Purifier as well. However, since we have an AC in another room, I thought about getting a 3M Electrostatic AC Filter for it.

This AC filter from 3M, claims to filter out PM2.5 and microparticles in the case of Split ACs. While it is no replacement for a standalone air purifier with a proper HEPA filter, a little bit extra couldn’t hurt I guess, especially considering it only costs Rs. 375.

The deal

I ordered it from Amazon India, where it was available for Rs. 375. Then I saw an ad on Facebook from, selling 3M Anti-Pollution Filter Installation service for Rs. 375 (dry servicing, 3M filter, and installation.)

This looked like a good deal. Since, for the price of filter on Amazon India, I was not only getting the filter but also free dry service and filter installation.

So I canceled my Amazon order and signed up for service instead and scheduled it for today between 3-6pm (I had placed the order last night).

The wait

The wait for the service began. I sort of expected the service chap to arrive around 5 pm. However, I got a call from at 3:35 pm, stating, the technician would arrive at my place around 4 pm.

Perfect, I thought.

4 pm came and went by with no sign of the technician.

At 5:30 pm, I got an automated call to check whether or not the technician had arrived. When I pressed 2 for negative, the call simply disconnected, without even acknowledging my response.

At 5:45 pm, I decided to escalate this matter and tweeted the same to twitter account. I got a response from them and call afterward, informing me, the technician would arrive by 7 pm (original appointment was between 3 to 6 pm.)

Eventually, the technician arrived at my home at 7:30 pm.

3m-electrostatic-ac-filter The installation

This was a pretty straight forward install. Remove the AC filter, clean it, put on the 3M Electrostatic Filter on it and reinstall the AC filter.

To begin with, the AC tech (well his assistant), washed the AC filter. Then without waiting for it to dry fully (he shrugged off the water and wiped the mesh AC filter), he began applying the 3M filter in wrong orientation!

3M filter is supposed to be fixed vertically so that it does not cover the entire mesh filter of split-AC, just 80% of the area. This guy clearly did not know that.

After my directions, he began installing the filter in the correct orientation.

A process which was far from satisfactory and I could see, that he managed to get the 3M filter a little bit wet. I am not sure if it impacts the performance of the filter or not. However, considering it is made of paper, I am inclined to assume, it does!


Frankly speaking, even though I got dry service, 3M filter and 3M filter installation for the price of the filter itself. I felt I would have been better off, just ordering the filter and doing it myself.

Overall, a fairly unsatisfactory experience with, in pretty much every area, except, cost.


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