Thyrocare Thyroid and Blood Testing Review

Early last month I used Thyrocare’s “Aarogyam A” blood testing service. I used it despite the fact that I didn’t need to get Thyroid or any fancy tests done. I just needed LFT, Complete Haemogram, Lipid Profile, Blood Sugar, Blood Urea and Serum Creatine levels checked. As suggested by my doctors, who were treating me for chronic Bronchitis, which had lead to my TLC shooting up to 36,000 in the last test.

However, since those basic tests done through a local laboratory with home sample collection had cost me Rs. 1,800. I decided to look for alternatives and came across Thyrocare.

With Thyrocare, I not only got the above tests but in addition to that, I got Thyroid, Renal, Iron Deficiency, and Pancratic for Rs. 1,050 (inclusive of home delivery of printed report.)

Thyrocare’s Aarogyam A Test List

Thyrocare’s Aarogyam A Test List

Booking and scheduling a test

Booking a test is fairly easy and can be easily done online through Thyrocare’s website (which is what I did). I did the booking at night, for the sample to be collected next morning and within an hour, I received a call from their representative, confirming the appointment for the next day.


I chose to pay offline, at the time of sample collection and paid in cash. I did this because I didn’t really want to risk my money since this was my first dealing with Thyrocare and I wanted to err on the side of caution.

Sample collection process

What impressed me most about Thyrocare was their sample collection process. Their representative arrived next morning on time with this sealed sample collection kit from Thyrocare.


The person who collected the sample seemed trained, used hand sanitizer before opening the kit in front of me. Overall it seemed like a more streamlined and trustable process than what I had experienced with the local lab. Since local lab’s representative had arrived with a bag full of various things needed to collect samples and it seemed comparatively less organized and less hygienic.

Delivery of test results

The sample was collected on 13th May and the soft copy of it was delivered to my registered email id on 14th May, at 1:30 pm i.e. almost 30 hours after it was collected. The hard copy was delivered a week later on 20th May.

Compare this with the local lab, which delivered the hard copy at my home in the same evening, and it seems Thyrocare’s service is comparatively slow.

Asking for the hard copy seems useless, especially since you have to pay Rs. 50 extra for it and it takes a week to arrive. For the same price, you can get the soft copy printed from anywhere else and wouldn’t have to wait such a long time!


At the end of the day, I am satisfied with the value for money proposition offered by Thyrocare and also their sample collection process.

However, they take their sweet time to deliver reports. This means, getting tests done through them is only feasible if you don’t have to show it to your doctor the very next day or in the evening, in which case a local lab would be a better bet.

In fact a week later when I had to get the TLC done again, I opted to go with the local lab, since it was cheaper at Rs. 380 for just the TLC test and delivered my test report by evening.

However, I did book Thyrocare’s “Aarogyam A” blood testing service for my sister, as she needed to get her thyroid levels etc. checked and once again received similar quality of service (still awaiting test reports, since sample was collected in the morning.) This tells me, their service (at least as far as sample collection service is concerned) is fairly streamlined and professionally manged.


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