Drool Waffles, Select City Walk, Review

There is no dearth of places to eat in Select City Walk Mall in Saket; each offering their own style of cuisines and some surviving on brand name and big bucks, others with a fairly limited menu, but, with delicious offerings.

When RD and I went to Select City Walk Mall yesterday evening, first thing on our mind was food. Since neither of us had eaten anything since breakfast. So we went straight to the food court and went looking for Keventers to buy a shake. Right next to it was Drool Waffles thela.


I wanted to order Waffles when we had gone to Rose Café last week. However, we ended up ordering Shepherds Pie instead. So RD suggested we order Waffles here and right then a chap walked in front of us with a delicious looking waffle and seeing it, we immediately made up our minds to order the same waffle.

When we inquired at the waffles stand, it turned out to be Banoffee Blast with caramelized banana, toffee sauce, vanilla ice cream and with a cherry on top. From the description and looks of it, it looked anything but healthy!

So completely ignoring the false advertisement on the Drool Waffles, stating “Freshly Baked Healthy Waffles”, we ordered one for ourselves.

After about 15-20 mins, our waffle was ready.


It was as tasty as it looked, in fact, even more so. The waffle itself was freshly baked, crisp, and light. While the combination of caramelized banana, toffee sauce, and vanilla ice cream tasted divine!

For Rs. 270 (inclusive of taxes) it wasn’t all that cheap, especially considering we weren’t eating it in some fancy restaurant, rather at a food court. Yet, it was worth it.

I guess the idiom, “one should not judge a book by its cover” holds true for Drool Waffles thela, for it managed to serve something so perfectly made and delicious, that most decent restaurants will struggle to do!


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