Pa Pa Ya, Select Citywalk, Review

In life, there are times when we embark on a search for something and end up finding something altogether different and falling in love with it. This is sort of how RD and I discovered Pa Pa Ya Restaurant in Select Citywalk, Saket.

We were looking for TGI Fridays and ended up in front of the lift leading to Pa Pa Ya Restaurant on the fourth floor, right where the B Bar used to be, a few years ago.

I always wanted to go back to B Bar, now that a new restaurant had opened in its place, I couldn’t help become interested in checking it out. RD was on board with the idea as well, so we hopped into the lift and headed straight to it.

On the first look, it looked like a beautiful restaurant. Not as impressive as the B Bar, yet, still quite elegant and beautiful with a open kitchen and a Sushi bar.



Both of us had wanted to try Sushi for a long time and now it seemed as if we had the perfect opportunity to do so, that too, sort of unexpectedly.

RD did want to play a little safe, so we decided to order a Sushi along with the main course. So we ended up ordering Sushi Roll (Maki) with Spicy Shiitake Mushrooms, Exotic Mushrooms Fresh Thai Chilli & Basil Curry and Steamed Polished Rice. Sadly Sake (off menu item) wasn’t available, so we decided to skip the drinks and concentrate on food instead.

Our server was courteous enough to ask, whether we wanted him to bring Sushi first and then after that the main course. In fact, courteous service was what impressed us the most about Pa Pa Ya and it remained that way, throughout the night.

Before bringing in the Sushi, we were served amuse-bouche made of watermelon and a few other flavors, which I couldn’t decipher, however, they tasted delicious and were served in sea shells with liquid nitrogen adding to the effect.


Amuse-bouche really set the tone for the evening and when the Sushi was brought to our table, we were really excited to try it out.


This was the first time I was trying out Japanese food and sushi, and this was also the first time I tried using the chopsticks. Eating sushi with chopsticks was a really fun experience and went without any accidents or slips :D. The sushi itself was delicious and spicy, not what we thought a sushi would be, but it was really delicious!

In fact, had we known the sushi would taste so good, we would have likely ordered the platter with 8 Sushi pieces.

Once we finished our sushi, our server came and asked us, whether he could clean the table and bring the main course.

However, before the main course could be served, they brought in palate cleanser.


Palate cleanser not only tasted good, it neutralized any flavors of the sushi we still had in our mouth and prepared us for our main course, consisting of exotic mushroom cooked with fresh basil and red chilies, along with steamed polished rice.

Once again the presentation and the way we were served our main course, left a lasting impression in our mind, the only complaint we had was that the quantity of rice was rather less and looked to be only enough to serve a single person.


Flavors of the Thai curry, however, made us forget it for the time being since it was quite delicious! In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say, this was the best Thai curry I have had, until now! Add to that, there were various different types of mushrooms in the curry, adding different flavors and textures to the curry.

For the desert, we decided to order Assiette of Banana Split, 5 Ways.


From presentation to flavors, everything was just right and delicious. In fact with Assiette of Banana Split, it seemed as if the crescendo had reached its peak, just as our dinner was coming to an end!

When we paid our bill and got in the cab, we couldn’t help raving about our experience at Pa Pa Ya, be it the courteous service or the delicious food. Everything seemed perfect and the only complaint about the whole experience was that the quantity of the rice was a bit less. Apart from that, we couldn’t find any fault with the restaurant.

Our bill for the dinner consisting of Sushi Roll (Maki) with Spicy Shiitake Mushrooms (4 pieces), Exotic Mushrooms Fresh Thai Chilli & Basil Curry, Steamed Polished Rice and Assiette of Banana Split 5 ways came out to be Rs. 1,675, inclusive of taxes and 10% service charge. For the experience we just had, it seemed like a bargain!


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