Caffe Tonino Connaght Place, Review

Walking idly by, we came across Caffe Tonino, right next to the PVR Plaza and above Nizam’s Kabab. From the outside it looked interesting, so we walked in and we weren’t disappointed by the ambiance of the place.





Beautifully done up in the retro Italian style, Caffe Tonino seemed like a perfect place to spend some time and savor the cuisines on offer.

First, we had to find a table for ourselves. The one we were offered was right under the TV and TV was on, so we avoided that. We didn’t want a table in the walkway and the three other available tables were supposedly reserved.

Disappointed, as we begun to walk out of the place, the server asked us to wait and went to talk to his manager and we got one of the reserved tables.

The menu looked interesting and we decided to order Tour of Italy (Spinach Ricotta Cannelloni, Risotto Oyster Mushroom, and Penne Arrabbiata) along with Fratelli Sauvignon Blanc (white wine).

First to arrive was the complimentary bread basket with two dips. Even though both the dips were tasty. The green one, which had olive oil, was different from other dips I have had earlier and was really rich and delicious.


The bread basket set the tone and expectation for rest of the evening and we eagerly looked forward to Tour of Italy, which we had ordered, in order to sample different cuisines in a single platter.

Meanwhile, the wine was served and the quantity looked a little less than what I had expected it to be.

Soon, our Tour of Italy arrived and it looked delicious!


Risotto Oyster Mushroom was to die for! Rich and delicious! I never expected Risotto to be so good, and yet, there it was, supposedly the simplest looking and yet the tastiest item on the platter!

Penne Arrabbiata was good as well, though it could not match the richness of Risotto.

Cannelloni on the other hand was something I didn’t really like. Though it was well made and looked delicious. However, its taste was just wasn’t to my liking.

For dessert, we ordered Vanilla Panna Cotta and it was good as well.


Overall, dinner at Caffe Tonino was a culinary delight. With the ambiance adding to the mood, especially after the lights were dimmed, TV put on mute and a singer came in with an electronic keyboard and played a few English songs.

Service too was courteous and prompt for the most part, though they did seem a little less trained for the sort of image Caffe Tonino is trying to project. With attention to details missing and style of serving leaving a lot to be desired.

At the end of the day, it was a good decision to visit Caffe Tonino and our bill for the dinner consisting of Tour of Italy (Spinach Ricotta Cannelloni, Risotto Oyster Mushroom, and Penne Arrabbiata), a glass of Fratelli Sauvignon Blanc wine and Vanilla Panna Cotta coming out to be Rs. 1,404.


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