Habib Guest House, Luxury Tents, Hunder, Nubra Valley

I have been recommending and staying at Habib Guest House for past several years, so during my 9th trip to Ladakh, when I had to travel to Nubra Valley, by default we went to Habib Guest House in Nubra Valley for our stay.

Even though nothing was booked, I was sure I would find accommodation there and as usual, the fantastic hospitality of Rahman bhai.

When I reached there, I was surprised to see luxury tents towards the back of the property. Sadly, Rahman bhai wasn’t there, so I met Irfan for the first time (each time I had stayed here, he was away.) After negotiating a bit, I got this lovely tent for the night for a fairly good price (cheaper than other luxury tents in Nubra).


During the day, the tents can get a little hot. However, few if any will notice this since it is usually during the evening one check in here and at that time, they are quite cozy.




Since these tents are fairly new, there is still a little bit of work that remains to be done. For instance, apart from the sleeping area and washroom, there is a dedicated space for getting ready. When I stayed there, this area was yet to receive the dressing table. As per Rehman bhai, this should be added soon.

At night, the tents look really good, especially with the stars out.


Even though it was fairly windy at night, it didn’t feel cold inside the tent.

Bed too was fairly comfortable and it was a proper bed, rather than planks on a charpoy, like in the case of quite a few tents at Pangong Tso. Light switch (LED Tube Light inside the tent) and charging point are built on the side of the bed and each tent has a couple of charging points, so it becomes fairly convenient.

Although when I visited Nubra Valley, the power station was having a few issues and thus switching off after 11 pm. After which the power for a short duration was provided by a generator (run by Habib Guest House) and later on the generator was switched off and one had to make do with emergency lights.

Part of the reason behind staying at Habib Guest House is the amazing hospitality provided by Rahman bhai. Whether it is taking care of small issues, serving amazing tea and dinner or providing breakfast at 5 in the morning, you can count on being taken care of, that too without breaking the bank.

The only real issue I had with my stay was with a big group, which had arrived late and annoyed other guests and staff by chatting loudly late into the night and then again at the breakfast table.

If I remove them from the equation, the stay at the luxury tents at Habib Guest House was just perfect and it remains my favorite place to stay in Hunder and Nubra Valley.

Habib Guest House,
Hunder, Nubra Valley
Contact no 01980-221039 & +91-9469736543


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