My first Vlog

Vlogging, the final err… the new frontier. Well, maybe not.

However, for me, it is a good way to practice shooting and editing videos. Considering I have mediocre skills at best in both, Vlogging seems like a great way to get started. Especially since I am shooting and editing videos for my sister’s YouTube Channel (Mere Shabd Mere Saath) and she is quite disappointed by my work.

To make matters worse, even though my first Vlogging video looked exactly like a first Vlogging video, I still managed to get my voice a little better than her videos and that seemed to have ticked her off!

A pissed off sister I can handle, after all, I have had plenty of experience.

However, staying mediocre in something I would like to do, isn’t my cup of tea. So for the time being, I am going to be fully invested in Vlogging, though that should also translate into more frequent blogging as well.

Without further adieu, here is my first Vlog. Please do leave your feedback and subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Getting this video out wasn’t easy, in fact, it was littered with complication and frustration. Something I will share in my upcoming Vlog.

So stay tuned, for the next episode of my Vlog…


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