Café 18, Sector 18, Noida

Cafe 18 at Sector 18 in Noida is one of those rare eateries in Noida, which are open late into the night and provide hungry souls food at not too expensive price. More importantly, in the vicinity of Khan’s Kathi Rolls, this is one of the few places which have seating, albeit on the pavement right in front of the café.


We landed up there while just roaming around Noida, and not in a mood for a roll or a paratha, which happens to be the specialty of the area. So we sat at Café 18 and decided to order white sauce pasta, onion tomato capsicum pizza, and a strawberry smoothie.

Considering everything was priced quite cheaply, I wasn’t really expecting a lot.


However, I didn’t expect the White Sauce Pasta to be such small in quantity, and salty!

Yes, you heard it right; the pasta was salty and even spicy. I guess they made it the same way as chat or had too many requests for the salty and spicy pasta, and hence made it this way. We couldn’t really finish it all off and had to throw away a part of it.


Pizza, on the other hand, was much better, sort of like homemade pizza and it even came with oregano + spice mix and chili flakes, which not even Dominos provides these days! Since the pizza was quite good, I recommend eating it once in a while here, and taking the packets of oregano and chili flakes with you, so that you could eat Domino’s pizza with taste as well.


Strawberry smoothie was nothing to write home about.

Overall, it was a mixed experience and for Rs. 300 for the above items, it wasn’t really cheap.

I guess I would have been better off just ordering the roll or a paratha from nearby.


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