New design for my Blog

It’s been over 4 years since I last changed the design of my blog and for the past 4 years that design has been serving me well.

However, now it is time for a change and this time, I was looking for a minimalist and fast load design for my blog. So when I came across Clean theme by MyThemeShop, I knew this is what I had been looking for.

Of course, buying a theme is one thing, getting it to perform as per your wishes is quite another.

So after working on the design till 3 am last night and the better part of the day today (MyThemeShop developer has been really great in helping me with this), I now have the theme working exactly as I want it to be.


I am in love with the minimalist design of this theme, which makes the content i.e. what you come to read on this blog, take the center stage while loading faster than earlier!

Of course, at the end of the day, all this is trivial without good content. So expect to see a slew of travel and other articles from me in the coming days.

Please do let me know your feedback and view about the design by posting a comment below :).


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