KMVN Chaukori, Uttarakhand, Review

Chaukori is a beautiful and idyllic hill station, set amidst the hills of Kumaon, giving a beautiful 180-degree view of the mountain ranges of Uttarakhand.

KMVN Chaukori is a hotel run by the state government tourism department and it is the best place to stay in Chaukori. Since it is located in a beautiful and scenic spot, has a beautiful garden, cottages, comparatively cheaper priced rooms and even a watchtower to watch the sunrise and sunset!

I stayed at KMVN Chaukori during the monsoon season, so the views of the mountains were marred by the monsoon clouds. Though the valley drenched by the monsoon rains, coupled with clouds and mist moving dramatically throughout, more than made up for the lack of mountain view.


Add to that, the room I chose (004), had a beautiful view as well and I could easily sit on my bed and look out the window all day long, if I didn’t felt like going out.



However, the views have been spoilt by the extremely ugly hotel built by someone, on a small hill, right in front of the KMVN. And this pathetic excuse for a hotel, sticking out like a hip-hop artist laden with bling at a dinner ball full of elegantly dressed ladies and gentlemen is an eyesore to say the least and comes in just about any landscape photo you take of the mountain ranges.


The room itself was cozy and of decent size. Though it did needed a little bit of maintenance as the paint on some sections of the wall had started showing its age.


For Rs. 1,000 a night (off-season discount) with breakfast, I guess there isn’t much to complain about the room.

I only ate at the hotel, during the course of my stay at Chaukori and service for the most part was decent and food good. Though menu choices were limited, since it was off-season and with me being the only guest on the first night and next day only one family staying at the hotel, they didn’t felt like bringing in a lot of things from the market.

Overall, I had a fantastic time at KMVN Chaukori and let’s be frank, when it comes to hotels in Uttarakhand, KMVN and GMVN provide accommodation at a decent price and you can count on them to be on a scenic location and safe since they are government run.

KMVN Chaukori in that respect is no different and even has a large enough secure parking to easily accommodate vehicles of all the guests staying at the hotel. And at off-season rate, it is a real value for money. For booking the hotel, you can visit the following link,


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