Baba Nagpal Corner Restaurant Review

When it comes to food, Delhi has a plethora of options to offer with almost all the localities having at least one famous eating joint (especially the old ones).

Baba Nagpal Corner in Lajpat Nagar (link to Google Map location) is one such restaurant, operating for past several years with quite a bit of fan following amongst the locals! So much so, that getting chole bhature here can take anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes!


And it isn’t cheap!

Rs. 75 for chole bhature that you have to stand and eat, either in the open or in a small standing area with tables. On top of that, the menu is actually printed on the wall.


But then again, it isn’t all that expensive either. And the good thing is, food actually tastes good and seems wholesome!


Bhatures are oily but aren’t dripping with oil and are soft. Channas are laden with masala, yet not too spicy and there is no bad taste of oil or worse still, soda, that quite a few road side chole bhature walas put in abundance!

Little wonder then, Mansi had been a regular here for quite a few years and had been praising this place for a while before I finally decided to visit it.

Having said that, Sita Ram Diwan Chand still sells the best chole bhature in town and even the roadside chole bhature seller in Saturday Market in Mayapuri has good yet cheap chole bhatures to offer, though his food can be a bit of hit and miss and if he puts a bit too much soda in it, it can lead to a bad start in the morning the next day :D.

In fact, pretty much all the areas in Delhi have at least one good chole bhature wala and despite that, if a restaurant manages to make a name for it for such a ubiquitous dish, which Baba Nagpal Corner has, it has to be applauded for that.

Overall a great place to have the roadside Chole Bhature, though for those who love spicy food, a trip to Paharganj might just be more rewarding ;).


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