Cinnabon Select City Walk Review

I have always had a sweet tooth, in fact, my whole family does. So when RD suggested we checkout Cinnabon at Select City Walk a few months ago, I readily agreed. When we visited Select City Walk again this Sunday, we decided to skip lunch and have some tasty treats once again.


Ordering at Cinnabon can be quite time consuming affair, partly due to the confusion over choices available and then due to the fact that their card machine always seems to act up. On both the visits I had to pay using cash, while the customer who ordered before me using card, was stuck waiting for the payment to be cleared.

Since we were skipping lunch, we decided to order Cinnabon Stix, Bon Bites, and a Mini Caramel PecanBon (bill for all these came out to be Rs. 344 including tax.)

This was the first time we ordered Cinnabon Stix, and they were quite delicious. Essentially crispy stix made of doughnut dough with a gooey cinnamon filling and topped with sugar and cinnamon. They were the least sweet of all and seemed like a good bet for anyone wanting a not so sweet treat.


BonBites, on the other hand, are small Classic Cinnabon in bite-size portions. These are quite sweet as well, but a good way to enjoy and share Cinnabons in order to make sure you don’t end up eating a lot of calories. Though it is another thing that you rarely are able to eat just one, since they are quite good.


Caramel PecanBon, on the other hand, is extremely sweet, after all, it is a classic Cinnabon roll topped with caramel and pecan nuts.


It is also fairly heavy and hard to eat, partially due to the low quality disposable plastic knife and fork provided by Cinnabon.

This I feel is a real shame and can easily be remedied by metal knife and fork, which would prove to be a more environment-friendly solution, since it can be washed and reused unlike the low quality plastic ones provided at the moment.

Overall, we really liked the desert time at the Cinnabon, even though it was loaded with calories and sweetness, enough to make us eat Sushi afterward, just to get rid of the sweetness in our mouth.

Yet, it was worth it ; ).


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