RTDC Hotel Dhola Maru, Bikaner, Review

As we drove into the city of Bikaner, tired from a long drive from Delhi. We were looking for a neat and clean place to crash, which wasn’t too expensive and had safe parking.

I have stayed a few times at the RTDC hotels (Rajasthan Tourist Development Corporation) in Pushkar and Ajmer and the experience had always been quite decent. So after looking online at a few deals, we headed directly to the RTDC Hotel, Dhola Maru.


Located on the Dhola Maru Road, RTDC Dhola Maru isn’t too far from the train station or the fort and yet far enough to be comparatively quieter than the busy part of the city. It is also located in the same complex as Tourist Reception Center and has fairly large parking.

However, the hotel itself is not in the best of conditions and can certainly do with a new paint job and a little bit of restoration.

When we arrived at the hotel, only the non-AC rooms were available. And they were fine for us since at least in Feb, we didn’t feel any need for AC in the rooms.

The room itself was fairly large, considering it was priced at Rs. 1,200 plus taxes (Rs. 1,344) a night on CP plan (includes breakfast.)



The washroom too was quite decent in size. Though it wasn’t ergonomically designed. For instance, the toilet seat was cramped into a corner with just a foot or two of distance from the wall.


The sink had a large section of marble in front of it, that didn’t felt right and the geyser didn’t disperse hot water fast enough for a comfortable shower.


Apart from that, the room was comfortable and clean enough. Though like the hotel itself, it could do with a bit more maintenance.

We didn’t use room service much, though at best the staff appeared uninterested.

We had lunch when we reached the hotel (it cost us Rs. 137 for one plate of matar paneer and 10 rotis) and it was just about alright. Nothing good about it.


The free breakfast that was included in the price, consisted of just puris and aloo subzi with tea. No other options and the taste was just about ok.


In the end, for the sort of money we paid, I guess we had a decent experience. Though other RTDC hotels, Moomal in Jaisalmer for instance, provide much better service, quality, and experience for similar or lower price!

So unless you can find a better option in Bikaner for around the same price, RTDC Dhola Maru is a good option. Though I would recommend eating elsewhere than at the hotel.


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