RTDC Hotel Moomal, Jaisalmer, Review

We reached Jaisalmer late in the evening, without any bookings. After doing a halfhearted search online for good hotel deals (there were none), we called the RTDC Hotel, Moomal and got the directions from them and drove there without checking out any other options.

Located in the Police Lines area, the RTDC Hotel Moomal is located right next to the Government Museum, flanked on one side by the Jaisalmer – Sam road. Owing to its location, it is in a relatively quiet area, though there are no views of the Jaisalmer Fort or anything else.


The hotel itself is beautiful and spacious with plenty of private parking for vehicles and a wonderful manager, Mr. Shyam and is better maintained than most of the RTDC properties.

When we arrived there, only the huts and AC rooms were available. We checked both of them and the AC rooms didn’t seem like value for money, based on their design and décor (there was no need for AC in Feb.)

So we instead opted for huts. Which were beautiful, to say the least, and at least in case of the one I took (hut no 20) had all the amenities, including jet for the toilet (it was missing in the initial hut I checked).


The interior of the hut was pretty good as well, though a little dated with a CRT TV and halogen bulbs.



However, it had a cosy feel to it and I really enjoyed my stay here.

Washroom too was clean and functional with a geyser (this photo just shows half of it.)


We did not order any room service, hence cannot comment on that. However, the staff was courteous and helpful.

The huts were priced at Rs. 1,100 (Rs. 1,232 including taxes) per night on CP plan, which includes breakfast and the breakfast buffet included aloo-puri, toasts, boiled eggs and omelets. All of which were quite well made and delicious.

For the price, I felt the RTDC Moomal was really value for money, especially when it came to the huts, which are cheaper than even their non-AC rooms! And this has to be the best RTDC property I have stayed at, till now and wouldn’t think twice about staying at again.

RTDC Hotel Moomal
Address :Sam Road, Jaisalmer
Contact No :02992-252392
Email : [email protected]


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