12 years of blogging…

On the 23rd of Feb 2006 I began a journey, which was to change my life forever. I started YogeshSarkar.com and with that, began my journey as a blogger and a traveler.


There are times when I have wondered if I hadn’t started blogging professionally (yes, this is my profession) what would I have done?

There have also been times when I have thought about quitting and finding a job with a stable pay and normal working hours.

Yet, at the end of it all, I have always come back to doing this, because I love it!

There is no other way to describe my feelings for blogging and running BCMTouring.com and truth is, I cannot really imagine a life without it.

Sure I could have been earning a lot more and I might have made a career somewhere else. However, I doubt it would have been this satisfying.

And that is what it all comes down to, personal satisfaction.

I value that more than anything else and this is the lifestyle that satisfies me the most.

Anyways, enough of all this rambling. At this point, I just want to thank you for being there for me, for reading this and more such posts in pasts and I hope you will continue to read and follow my blog, and my journey through this life in future as well.

Happy traveling…


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