Hotel Highway King, Bagru (Jaipur-Ajmer Highway), Review

Hotel Highway King has been my regular pitstop while traveling on the NH-8 (NH-48 now) for past several years and even though their multiple branches have come up, including one between Jaipur and Ajmer, at Bagru, around 23 km from Jaipur, the quality has been maintained throughout.

Due to this, while coming back from Jodhpur, when we got hungry, we decided to stop at the Highway King at Bagru (on the right hand side if you’re traveling from Jaipur).



The best thing about Hotel Highway King is the fact that there is safe parking with a guard on duty, and the toilets are generally neat and clean. Though when it comes to toilets, this one at Bagru isn’t as great as the Highway King at Shahpura.

Another good thing about the restaurant is the fact that the service is fairly fast with multiple floor managers keeping an eye on the waiters and ensuring prompt service.

The food, on the other hand, is decent, but not great.

We ordered chowmien, chole-bhature and grilled cheese sandwich along with teas and almost everything was good, though not really delicious.



Bill for 4 cups of tea, chowmien, chole-bhature and grilled cheese sandwich came out to be Rs. 450, which is quite decent. And although I wish the food was tastier, it is still good when it comes to highway food.

At the end of the day, there is a sort of reliability when it comes to Hotel Highway King, which makes it a default pitstop for me on the NH-8. Something that is unlikely to change in the coming time, even though numerous large restaurants have come-up.


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