Shahi Samosa, Jodphur, Review

When it comes to food, if there is one city that is unlikely to disappoint you, it has to be Jodhpur. The food here is great and I am not just talking about the big and famous shops, even the small sweet shops around the corner sell great stuff. So when in a city like this, a shop is famous for its samosa. It is bound to arouse your curiosity.

In order to satisfy our curiosity and taste the famous samosas of Jodhpur, we went towards the Sadar Bazar, where the Shahi Samosa is located just before its entrance, at Nai Sadak.


And this shop only sells mirchi vada, pyaaz ki kachori and of course, the famous samosa.

The staff here is quite helpful, well at least the man manning the cash counter and everything is freshly cooked.

Since we had dinner plans, we decided to order a pyaaz ki kachori and a samosa, and they cost us around Rs. 35. There are no chutneys to go along with these, though I believe if you really want, they can give you ketchup.

However, when a shop is confident enough to sell their food without sauce or any other condiments, then you should enjoy it, just like that!

And enjoy, we did!

The samosa was quite different from the other samosa I have had earlier. It had no lumps of potato, everything was well mashed up and the flavors, rather rich flavors could be tasted just about everywhere, it was also quite crispy.


Pyaaz ki kachori on the other hand was good as well. However, taste wise, it was somewhat similar to other pyaaz ki kachoris I have had in Rajasthan and in particular, Jaipur and Jodhpur. So even though it was still delicious, it wasn’t as special as the samosa.


Samosa and pyaaz ki kachori were quite heavy, in fact, the locals just take a kachori and put it between two slices of bread and have that as a sandwich/meal!

It is little wonder then, Shahi Samosa is famous for samosas, kachori, and vada in a city, where almost each and every sweet shop makes them quite well!

The only downside is, there is no seating area. So you have to stand in front of the shop and eat it, and it isn’t the cleanest stretch of the road!

Still, it is worth it. So don’t forget to try it out, the next time you’re in Jodhpur!

Shahi Samosa
Clock Tower Rd,
Nai Sarak,
Ph: 0291-2621476


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