2018 Weight Loss Journey

It’s been 6 years, since I first got serious about losing weight and actually managed to lose quite a bit, from a peak of around 140 kg in 2012 to a low of around 95 kg in 2015-16.

However, things have been slipping for the last couple of years and with my asthma keeping me grounded for 4-5 months last year, I managed to put on quite a bit of weight once again.

Though to be fair, even though my asthma is now in control, I still managed to gain around 4 Kg since January this year!


As I see myself inching once again towards my peak weight, I am genuinely concerned. After all, at 35, I suffer from hypertension and asthma. And both these diseases are not only lifelong, they also get worse with an increase in weight and have the serious potential to not only wreak havoc on my body and reduce my life, they can and do mess with my passion for traveling and keep me grounded at home.

This is something completely unacceptable to me and something I just cannot allow to happen, that too because I am making wrong lifestyle choices.

So it is time to start my weight loss journey once again.

Initially, I would be just cutting down on tea, snacks, junk food and try and eat wholesome food and eliminate intake of cold drinks completely.

Workout wise, I will be trying to do light weight training each day along with walking 5,000 steps each day.

These 5,000 steps will be according to the step counter in my mobile phone, Honor 6x.

I will post progress report every fortnight.

So let’s see, how soon I can shed the weight I have gained in the past couple of years and then, begin my journey towards my target weight of 80 kg.

Wish me luck!


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