The Courtyard Café, Noida, Review

The Courtyard Café, a small quirky café near Amity University in Noida. I am not quite sure how Mansi found it. However, we had to drive past a shamshan ghat, kabristan and a cemetery to get there. And although that speaks volume about India ’s religious tolerance, at that moment I seriously doubted Mansi’s intentions and only breathe a sigh of relief, after we reached The Courtyard Café.

There is no dedicated parking, so you have to park your vehicle in the service lane in front of the café. There is a guard there, so it should be safe.


Stepping inside, the café design is quite interesting and they have tried their best to utilize the space and you have the choice of sitting outside in the courtyard or inside in the covered area.



Strangely though, when we reached there (around 9 pm), there was no one else. It might be that majority of their clientele comes from the university or not many people know about this place.

Whatever the case be, since we were the only patrons there for dinner, we got good service.

We ordered a Red Bull, Ginger Lemon Honey Tea, Caesar Salad and Pesto Pasta.

The Red Bull was delicious, while the ginger lemon honey tea was decent, not great. 6 out of 10 as per Mansi.

The Caesar Salad (veg) too was decent, though a little sour for my taste.


Pesto Pasta too was decent, though it could have done with a little more olive oil and cheese.


Overall, the food was quite decent so were portion size.

However, nothing really stood out.

Good thing was, The Courtyard Café wasn’t all that expensive and we paid Rs. 640 for a red bull, ginger lemon honey tea, caesar salad and pesto pasta.

The Courtyard Café
Sector 126,
Rajpur Village Sabzi Mandi


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