Exppress Car Wash Logix City Centre (Noida) Review

This Sunday, Mansi and I decided to take her Alto to Exppress Car Wash, located in the level 2 parking of Logix City Centre Mall in Noida. The Alto had been on a longish drive to Rajasthan and another one to UP recently and needed a wash and vacuuming.

Due to its location, Exppress Car Wash is a good option to get your car washed, while you see a movie or go shopping in the mall above. We, however, decided to stick around and watch the entire process.

Here are a few before photographs of the car, including of interior, which was dirtier than the exterior of the car.






Mansi opted for their Exppress 2 Plan, which includes the Exppress 1 cleaning plan:

  • Complete vacuuming including seats and boot
  • Washing and cleaning of foot mats
  • Pre-washing of the car
  • Foam cleaning of car exterior
  • Tyre arches cleaning
  • Underbody wash
  • Engine steam wash (this is only available at their DLF Mall of India outlet, here they wash the engine.)
  • Washing and Cleaning of Door Frames
  • Body Liquid Polishing/Waxing
  • Cleaning and Polishing of Dashboard
  • Tyre Polishing

And adds the following cleaning options:

  • Alloy cleaning
  • All side doors of car are cleaned and polished
  • Car Perfume Spray
  • Chemical Spray for scratch less wind-shield
  • All black parts are polished

Cost for this plan was Rs. 600 for hatchback plus 18% taxes, which came out to be Rs. 708.

Mr. Ishwar Yadav (+91-8527419922) was the person in charge at this outlet and was quite courteous and was knowledgeable as well (we talked at length about Ceramic Coating for cars, which is offered at their DLF Mall of India outlet.)

The waiting lounge for the customers had a TV with a feed from multiple CCTV cameras in the outlet, allowing you to watch the entire process from the comfort of the lounge.

First, the interior of the car was vacuumed and polished, then they proceeded to pre-wash the car and the engine. They did not cover the alternator while washing the engine, though they seemed careful while washing it and used pressurized air to clean the water droplets off when they finished washing.



Once the engine and pre-wash was done, they used a foam gun to smear foam wash on the car.


After this, the car was washed for the final time and polish/wax was sprayed on the wet car. This is something I really didn’t like since the spray on wax/polish is unlikely to give a deep shine or last a long time, in comparison to traditional wax.

After drying the car with microfiber cloths, the car was ready for delivery.


However, the car was far from clean. Apart from watermarks and droplets on the windshield, windows, the hood, and bumper, interior of the car wasn’t thoroughly clean either with the carpet as well door frames and dashboard having residue dust or fingerprints etc..


It was disappointing to see the car not being completely cleaned even after being worked upon for an hour. We pointed these issues out to Mr. Ishwar and he promptly got a worker to address them, as well as rebuked the staff for not doing a thorough job.

After another half an hour of manually cleaning the car with cleaner and microfiber cloth, the car was delivered to us in acceptable condition. Though when we got back on the road, we did spot a few streaks on the windshield and windows, along with watermarks.


Final verdict: When we went to the Express Car Wash, we had high hopes, since Narayan had used them quite a few times and they are a large car wash chain in India and seemed professional. It was disappointing to see the car wasn’t cleaned properly. Though to their credit, when we pointed this out, they worked on the car to our satisfaction, without as much as a counter-argument and accepted their fault.

Overall, it was a mixed experience. For someone who is just interested in getting their car cleaned without a hassle, Exppress Car Wash is a good option, as long as you properly inspect the car at the time of delivery.



For those who like to keep their cars in top-notch condition, this will likely serve as an initial step and will help prepare your vehicle for waxing etc..

Exppress Car Wash
Level 2 Parking
Logix City Centre Mall,
Phone no 0120-4579200


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