Frozen Stone, Logix City Centre Mall Review

Ice Cream Rolls and Sundaes prepared in front of you, in a nutshell, this is what Frozen is about. They prepare the ice cream you want, in front of you, on their “glacial stone”.

Mansi and I had been thinking about trying them out for a while, so when we went to Logix City Centre Mall in Noida (Frozen Stone is located in the food court) to get her Alto washed this Sunday, we finally decided to give them a try.


Mansi decided to order Very Very Berry and I ordered their Mewa Methai Ice Cream Roll.

As luck would have it, they started preparing my Mewa Methai first. They used a lot of dry fruits, saffron and various other flavours to prepared the Mewa Methai.


Here are a couple of slow-mo videos I shot of them working at their glacial stone. (link to video 1 & video 2 for FB users.)

Once it was prepared and served, it looked absolutely delicious. Not only that, it also tasted delicious with a taste which is somewhere between a kulfi and Mother Dairy’s Shahi Meva Malai. It did feel lighter than the Shahi Meva Malai though.


Next up was the Very Very Berry for Mansi.

It was prepared in a similar manner, though with different ingredients and it also took less time to prepare than mine.


Even though it didn’t have the richness or sweetness of the Mewa Malai (which was quite sweet), it had just the right flavours of blueberry and raspberry and that little sourness of the berries we all love. Overall, it felt quite refreshing.


Both the ice creams we tried were good and it was a real pleasure to see them being prepared in front of us. However, I also got to see their staff refilling cream bottle on the floor, right next to the garbage bin! And that was a major turn off for me.

Overall, it was an alright experience and could have been a lot better, had I not seen their staff refilling cream bottle next to the trash can!


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