Got published in The Traveller Trails travel magazine

Today I got some great news to share with you all. My travelogue of Daran Pass (Daranghati, Himachal Pradesh) has been published in the current issue of The Traveller Trails travel magazine.



My journey to Daran Pass during the monsoon season last year had been interesting, to say the least.

Our journey to Gopalpur (near Sarahan), from where we were planning to drive to Daran Pass had come to an abrupt halt before Narkanda. As the people of Himachal Pradesh, shocked and angered by the rape and murder of a 16-year-old girl, returning from her school had shocked the state and had forced the people on to the streets to demand justice.

We were forced to look for alternate routes and with rain keeping us company for the better part of that day, we decided to follow the route God was showing us and reached the beautiful Sungri Guest House.


What happened next is nothing short of a dream drive through wet and wild Himachal and can be read online at or in their print magazine, along with other wonderful travel tales and tips. So make sure to check it out.


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