Ka Eclairs & Kafe, Noida, Review

Ka Eclairs & Kafe, a name which resonates with sweets and pastries. In fact, when you enter this café in Noida’s Sector-18 market, located right under Desi Vibes, you’re greeted by a display full of delicious looking pastries and cakes. It is only when you walk down to their seating area in the basement, that it seems like a café/restaurant!

Sadly though, this dining area is also shared with Desi Vibes, so if they are full, they will send their customer down to this seating area and that happened while we were there. A loud birthday party with a rude lady, shouting/rebuking the staff periodically.

Thanks to them, I chose not to take any photographs of the interiors and was just interesting in leaving the place, after dinner. Even though the interiors are decently done, though with a dark theme, which makes the place feel darker than it is.

Ka Eclairs is known for their shakes. Though if you aren’t a fan of chocolate, then your option is limited to Strawberry Island, which is what we ordered.


The shake was delicious, at least till we had whipped cream and cake to go along with the shake. Afterward, it tasted too sweet and thin.

Next, we ordered their Meze Platter, which consisted of baba ganoush, hummus, falafel, fattoush, olive pickle and cheesy phyllo cigars. There was no olive pickle in the platter unless they counted a couple of olives decorated on top of the hummus as an olive pickle.


Falafels were fairly dry and didn’t actually had the authentic taste of falafels. Hummus wasn’t rich in flavor either and baba ganoush was a disappointment as well. On the plus side, cheesy phyllo cigars were quite good.

Since I hadn’t eaten a lasagna in a while, I decided to order the lasagna verde here.

It looked good and the garlic bread served along with it was really crisp with a good flavor of garlic. However, the lasagna was full of vegetables, though, on the plus side, they were finely chopped. It didn’t had enough cheese and olive oil and tasted bland.


Overall, it was an okish experience at Ka Eclairs & Kafe, while the service was good and courteous, the food was more of a miss than hit. I did buy a pineapple pastry and blueberry cheesecake for home and even though both had good flavor, it was overpowered by the excess salt in them!

Our bill for Strawberry Island, Meze Platter, Lasagna Verde, Pineapple Pastry and 2 pieces of Blueberry Cheesecake came out to be Rs. 1,495.74 (inclusive of taxes, but without service charged, so we did leave a tip for the staff.)


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