The Beer Café, Logix City Centre Mall, Noida

The Beer Café, a name that probably evokes mental imagery of a hip pub with a multitude of beers available for beer aficionados.

Yet, apart from a couple of visits to The Beer Café in HKV and Cyber Hub, I haven’t actually visited it, even though I like beer. I guess it has to do with the fact that I never really found it to be all that appealing and food (at least the one I tried) isn’t all that great.

Yet, exhausted and sweating from Saharan Heat of NCR, I thought about seeking refuge in The Beer Café at Logix City Centre Mall in Noida (on the same floor as PVR), until company arrived.


I went straight to the bar; I just needed a cold one, nothing more. Yet, at the outset, I was disappointed.

Just 8 types of beer were available, which might seem a lot for a normal restro-bar, but when you have a menu full of different types of beer and you call yourself Beer Café, it seems little.


After a bit of contemplation, I decided to order an Asahi, Japanese “Dry Beer”.


Taste-wise, it was quite good, not at all bitter and lighter than Budweiser Light and yet, quite refreshing. Just the thing I was looking for and I quite enjoyed it.

However for Rs. 435 for a pint (including 10% service charge), I am not quite sure if it is worth it. But it was worth it at that moment, since it gave me an opportunity to unwind.

The Beer Café on the other hand, continues to disappoint, even though the service was decent and the place too was alright. But I am still not quite sure if it is my sort of place. A little too expensive for what they do and that too, without the variety, they are supposed to provide.


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