Wave (3D), Sec-18 Noida, Review

The Centrestage Mall is one of the oldest malls in Noida and I have visited it even before I started blogging 12 years ago! Today though, the mall’s main attraction is Wave Cinema.

In fact, if it wasn’t for Wave, I doubt many people would actually be visiting it. I know I haven’t in past so many years and I only went there this weekend to watch Incredibles 2.

With its big auditoriums spanning pretty much all the floors, Wave has numerous movies running simultaneously and it was the only place where I could find good seats when I started looking for them at 4 pm on Sunday.

The Cost

Since I booked the ticket using Bookmyshow, I had to shell out Rs. 270 per ticket and Rs. 59 as internet handling fee. Considering this is the weekend ticket price, it isn’t too bad.

The Auditorium and Seat Ergonomics

Audi 1 on the third floor is huge, almost as big as traditional movie halls. However, it is beginning to show its age. The seats while ok comfort wise, wouldn’t stay down if you weren’t sitting on them and would automatically fold up.

The 3D glasses had smudges and scratches on them. Good thing was, the staff was handing out tissue papers, so that we could clean them.

Screen Size, Quality and 3D Experience

Even though it is a big auditorium, screen size was pretty much the same as most multiplexes. So if you’re sitting towards the back, the screen is going to look small! From the J Row, where we were sitting and this photo was taken, it seemed fine (there were 6 rows behind us in classic category).


Screen quality was fine and 3D experience was fabulous, to say the least. I am not quite sure if the Incredibles 2 gave us such a spectacular 3D experience or if it was the Wave, but either way, I loved it and would count it as one of the best if not the best 3D movie experience I have had.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality too was quite good and didn’t leave any room for complaints.

Ameneties and food

They allow water bottles inside the theater, so it is a major plus. There is also a bag counter on the third floor for those carrying laptops. Though they seem to allow bags as well since I saw someone carrying a backpack after I deposited my bag at the counter and went inside.

Choice of soft drinks and food available is limited and popcorn is already packed! Only one size of caramel popcorn is available and that too for Rs. 180 (they were tasty). Cold drinks are available in 650 ml and 1000 ml sizes, along with diet coke and coke zero cans available at MRP (Rs. 60 for diet coke.)

Men’s washroom was clean and well maintained.

Final Words

Even though Wave might not look as grand or attractive as PVR Logix and some of the other multiplexes, it has good seats available even during the weekend and that too when it is located in a good and convenient place. Plus the staff is courteous and it was difficult to find any faults with it, except maybe the small screen in the seemingly large hall.

Overall, I quite enjoyed my movie experience at Wave and wouldn’t think twice about going there again.


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