The Square by Café Coffee Day, Janpath, Review

The Square is a premium outlet of Café Coffee Day, where they have on table service, premium menu, better ambiance and good food and beverages.

The Square at C Block in Connaught Place used to be a favorite place for me to sit and relax. So when I reached Janpath earlier than planned and thus had to wait for my friend, I decided to visit The Square Janpath. It is located between Saravana Bhavan and McDonald.

It is a fairly large outlet and ambiance is good. On top of that, the crowd was good as well and the music while loud wasn’t loud enough to drown out the conversation.

Service, on the other hand, was slow, I actually had to walk to the counter to ask for the menu and only then they brought a menu to my table and took my order. That too when I was sitting barely 10 ft away from the counter!

I ordered California Sangria (non-alcoholic), in hopes of trying out something new (I initially wished to order Kiwi Margarita, but it wasn’t available.)

Then the wait began for the beverage to arrive!

After about 20 minutes, I heard the staff chatting amongst themselves that the straws were out of stock! And the clamor began, not to find straws or get them from elsewhere, but rather to pass the buck and get someone else to do it!

It took the staff another 10 minutes to find a straw and bring the drink to my table!


And after the 30 minutes of waiting, the concoction they served me wasn’t really good. It looked alright, but taste wise it was too mild and felt just some flavor mixed in water and topped with ice!

Overall, I was quite disappointed by not only the service but also the quality of the beverage and considering they have the audacity to levy a 5% service charge, it becomes even worse. After all, this surely wasn’t worth Rs. 295 (including taxes and service charge) and 30 minutes of wait.

The rate of the rest of the coffees too was higher than Starbucks and needless to say, much higher than the regular CCD. And that, made it, all the more annoying!


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