MuscleBlaze Protein Bar (Almond Fudge) Review

I have a habit of always carrying a water bottle and something to eat, when I am out and about. In order to ensure I never go thirsty and can snack on something, if hunger pangs strike or my blood sugar level drops. This time around, I ordered MuscleBlaze Almond Fudge Protein Bar and here is my review of it along with a comparison with the MuscleBlaze Choco Delight Protein Bar.


In December last year, I had ordered MuscleBlaze Protein Bar Choco Delight and liked it. However, once it ran out, I decided to order Paper Boat Peanut Chikki, since it seemed like a more affordable and natural snack than a protein bar. However, in summer, peanut chikki doesn’t seem right and a single one was never enough to satisfy my hunger. So I decided to buy the protein bars once again.

With 256 calories, 22 g of protein, 23 g carbs and 10 g fat in a single bar, this seems like a perfectly healthy snack and can even work as a meal replacement.


Even though MuscleBlaze Protein Bar Almond Fudge and Choco Delight are essentially the same thing and both contain 22 g of protein, Almond Fudge is different from Choco Delight in not only the taste but also in the number of calories, fiber, and fats.

The Almond Fudge has 26 more calories coming from 3.2 g extra fat and additional 1.5 g of fiber when compared to Choco Delight. So if you’re counting calories, it is best to opt for the Choco Delight Protein bars.

However, if you aren’t that strict about calories or wish to try out a new flavor like me, then, by all means, go for the Almond Fudge. It has the flavor of almonds and is softer than Choco Delight. Also, it isn’t as dry as Choco Delight, which makes it more palatable. Though it does seem overly sweet and that can be an issue for some.


I am worried about it becoming gooey during summer. Though that is something I will only be able to check overtime, once one of these protein bars spends a few days in my bag.

I dislike the fact that the 22 g protein in it is a blend of Whey, Milk Protein, and Soy Protein (same as in Choco Delight). I would have preferred if they kept the soy protein out of the blend since soy can have a long-term side effect if you’re consuming it on a regular basis.

Sadly though, despite seeking my feedback about Choco Delight (I had received a call from MuscleBlaze last year and I made them aware of this concern), they didn’t make any changes.

Additionally, with the 6 bars being sold for Rs. 564 on Amazon India (Rs. 25 more than Choco Delight), each protein bar costs Rs. 94. Protein powders like MuscleBlaze Whey Energy cost a lot less if you’re just looking for a way to get additional protein into your diet on a regular basis.

However, when it comes to snacks or protein on the go, nothing comes quite close to the protein bars and this is why I end up buying these, again and again. And with that purpose in mind, MuscleBlaze Almond Fudge Protein Bar seems like a good option.


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