Comicstaan, Prime Video, Review

Comicstaan is a reality show about standup comedy, where 10 budding stand-up comedians from across India were chosen to be groomed for 7 weeks under the mentorship of some of the most famous comedians in India, who also happen to be the judges in the show.


Even though I do not watch reality shows, I watched the first episode of Comicstaan, because I was bored and had nothing better to do. However, halfway through the first episode, I was hooked!

Comicstaan felt funny, and well, that is just about it.

There is nothing educational about it since the mentoring session is brief with just a couple of tips or so. I would have certainly loved it if they had made mentoring session longer and given tips, which we all could have used (comedian or no comedian.)

But then again, I guess I have learned something after all. And that is the road to success in Comicstaan, at least as far as the judges are concerned. And these are:

  1. Fill the set with words related to sex with a tinge of sexual humor and sprinkle it with at least a handful of swear words.
  2. Make the set long or at least make it seem long and add some social issue to it.
  3. Have some awkward style and accent that makes no sense, doesn’t seem funny or even be real.

The judges also made me doubt my sense of humor. I always thought I had a good sense of humor. But seeing people who I didn’t find funny ranking ahead of people, who had me laughing hysterically, I began to doubt myself.

But then the audience seems to rank contestants somewhat similar to what I would have done. And that left me all the more confused and forced me to introspect.

I guess the judges are on an altogether different intelligence and humor level that mango men/women like me will never actually understand and we are forever doomed to laugh at the funnier stuff than whatever is “hip”.

But the moment I shut off my analytical mind and skip through the judging round, I end up liking the show. I guess it has potential and should become funnier over time unless the mentors end up leaving a deep impression on the contestants…


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